Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dead Tired

Our camping trip went well. The Monkey is a great little camper. She showed everyone her new sleeping bag. She snuggled by the campfire. She helped everyone whether they needed the help or not. She did not want to leave and cried on the way home. She cried in Georgia. She cried in Alabama. She cried in Georgia again (it's the vagaries of southern geography). She sniffled through Tennessee, although the kayakers on the Ocoee River made her smile for a while. She really cried when we hit the Nantahala Gorge and I told her we were almost home. What can I say? The kid loves camp.

Big Daddy was in trouble for part of the trip. He forgot to leave the key for my friend T. who was pet sitting. Luckily, he also forgot to lock a bedroom window. All was well in the end.

I was exhausted. Monday I could barely function. It could be because I woke up in a house devoid of coffee. I took Biscuit to the vet and then went grocery shopping. I was a zombie. Two cans of diet coke later I was somewhat revived. I came home and planted a some of the wood poppies Big Daddy had brought home last week. They are quite lovely. That sapped all my energy. So, Monkey and I skipped the gym and lounged around outside for most of the day. It was perfect weather for lounging.

This morning I had coffee. It helped, but I'm still tired. It could be because Monkey decided to join Big Daddy and I in bed at 3:45 this morning. She took over my side of the bed. That will not happen again.

Time to go snuggle the Biscuit. Tomorrow is another busy day.

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