Friday, April 22, 2005

Men In Uniform

Today for our weekly Friday Lunch Out experience the Monkey and I went to Chik-Fil-A. Her choice, not mine. I was pushing for Urban Burrito, but there is no reasoning with a hungry toddler. Besides at Chik-Fil-A she gets a toy which she can turn in for ice cream. No competition there.

The warm weather has brought out the delivery men in shorts. The UPS guys and the Culligan Man were all looking rather fine. But they could not hold a candle to the three North Carolina Highway Patrol Troopers on their motorcycles. Perhaps it is just the tall shiny black boots and the snug breech-cut pants. Yes, the uniforms are slightly storm trooperish, but when they walked in to the restaurant every eye was on them. Mighty fine men they were. Men were admiring the Harleys. Women were admiring the boots (and pants). Seriously, you can not believe the amount of attention those three guys got.

One of the troopers gave Monkey a Junior Trooper Badge. Now she is going to want a motorcycle. Or at least a pair of shiny black boots.

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