Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Mountains Win Again

7:38 a.m.

Yes, that is snow. It is the last week of April and that is snow. Last week I wore shorts every day. Yesterday we packed away all of our winter clothes. Yesterday I bought tomato plants. I wasn't planning on putting them out in the garden yet, but I was gettting prepared to. Yesterday there was a bloom on one of the clematis. I had hoped to mow the lawn today. It is April 24th. Last night and this morning it snowed. Luckily most of it is now melted except for at the higher elevations. Most of the plants seem to be o.k. The tulip trees seem hard hit and I imagine that the dogwood blooms that just opened will be a little brown tomorrow.

Chef Boots came for an impromptu visit yesterday and spent the night. He needed a short break. He's been working 12-15 hour days for the last 21 days. His other pastry chef quit in the middle of High Point's furniture market, so he had to do all the bread and pastry work. We were good to him. We didn't encourage him to cook. We went out for comfortable foods like pizza and beer and an Indian buffet. He did bring gifts of fresh baked bread and artisanal cheddar and bottles of wine. Ah, his baguettes are the best. And there are two loafs of brioche and one of his walnut molasses "monk" bread. I do love my carbohydrates.

Thank you Chef Boots. Sorry about the weather. Next time, I promise, we will sit on the front porch and drink and talk and you won't need a parka.

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