Thursday, April 21, 2005

Fresh Trout

One of the benefits of Big Daddy's job is that he seems to be able to fish in the middle of the day. Perhaps this is a perk for all landscape designers, but I have a feeling it is a peculiarity of B.D.'s. This evening he brought home four nice trout for dinner. Trout is my favorite fish, especially when it is right from the stream. Bones be damned; it really is sweet.

I went for a run and came home to a dinner of trout, fresh green beans and corn on the cob. I had hoped that my first trout of the year would be paired with ramps. Ramps are native to the southern Appalachians. Sometimes known as wild leeks, they have become, I understand, somewhat popular in the outside world. Their season is short and like trout are best served fresh. None were available, so B.D. stuffed them with fresh chives instead. They were quite delicious. I swear I could taste the greenness of the chives in that succulent little fish.

I wish I didn't have so much to do this weekend, because we could go to the 30th Annual Graham County Ramp Festival . I think there are a few more festivals of the same type coming up in the area. One way or another I will eat ramps this year. I understand they are quite pungent and can linger long after they've been devoured.

In the mean time we have to finish the chicken house and get more seeds in the ground. My strawberries seem to be loaded and are still blooming. I can't wait for those.

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