Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My dog is a little shit.

Twice in three days Biscuit has come home covered in deer crap. I can only assume that it is deer crap as deer are the only woodland creatures I can think of that would possibly smell like sheep. Biscuit smells like a sheep. There are no sheep nearby so it must be deer. She comes into the house with a jaunty air of superiority. Smell me! Don't I smell fabulous? Damn dog.
I have to then dump her into the tub and soap her up and hose her down a few times. How do you feel now Biscuit? Damn dog.

On a more pleasant note - the spice bush are blooming and bloodroot has joined the trout lilies and violets on the forest floor. None of them, however, can mask the smell of deer crap on a rotten little red mutt. Damn dog.

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