Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Beware the Ides of March

Et tu Brute?

It was a typical Tuesday - Kindermusik, the bakery, then home. Monkey surprised me and sang today. Sang her little heart out. The goat goes bump. The donkey goes kick...

The weatherman is threatening snow, but it stayed a mild 50 something today (just like yesterday). Monkey and I enjoyed the sun again today. We ate lunch on the back porch. I raked out the flower beds and cut back the sprawling rose on the fence. Monkey sat in the dirt.

I managed to run two miles without losing a lung. I need a new dog to run with. Chelsea, Queen of the Compost Bin is now 12 and just can't do it. The heart is willing, but... And Biscuit the Wonder Dog is a sprinter. She starts slowing down after a half mile or so and drops farther and farther behind. I need a speed demon with endurance.

The weekend was beautiful with temperatures in the 70's. Like thousands of parents we took our little monster to see Robots. She said she preferred Pooh's Heffalump Movie. I was slightly let down as well. The animation was impressive, but the story kept losing my interest.

We spent the rest of the time outdoors enjoying sunshine. It was heaven.

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