Sunday, March 06, 2005

Aah, Sunday...

4:07 p.m.

Right now there is a pot of chicken broth simmering on the stove made from last night's roast chicken. I think I will add some mushrooms and barley to it. Mmmm. We took Monkey to the park at Tomahawk Lake today. Big Daddy helped her feed the ducks and geese. I ran around the lake. It's a nice surface to run on and fairly level. My knees needed the relief. Monkey played on the swings and slides and then we came home. She's been sleeping for a couple of hours now.

Big Daddy and I have been working in the yard and garden. I managed to turn the compost that was frozen solid a week ago. Big Daddy tilled up the bed for our new asparagus plants and got them planted. I cleaned out my herb, flower and strawberry beds near the house. I also cleared out the dogs' trail through the woods from the bottom of the garden up to the drive. I thought it would be a nice shortcut to use from time to time. Big Daddy is still outside, clearing and cutting back the raspberry and blackberry canes. I hope they produce as well as they did last year because I'm running low on blackberry jam.

I can see Big Daddy right now from the office window. He should have been a plumber. His pants are always hanging too low. Poor man, he has no butt to hold up his Levis.

The weather is sunny and in the mid 50's. Only 15 days until Spring.

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