Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter

Why is it always cold and rainy on Easter? It's not actually too cold here, just damp, grey and gloomy. It hasn't stopped Monkey from having a fabulous day. She is finally napping after overloading on Easter egg hunting, jelly beans, chocolate bunny ears and Cadbury eggs. There was an Easter egg hunt at church this morning between services. People were asked to dye eggs and bring them for the hunt. Well some genius dyed the eggs, but didn't bother boiling them first. Who does that? I decided not to trust anyone's egg dyeing ability after that and threw the whole lot on the compost pile when we got home.

Big Daddy is outside constructing the chicken house and run. Yesterday we got in the fence posts and frame and floor of the house. I'm going to have the coolest little chicken palace in Western North Carolina when he is done. It was a beautiful day yesterday. We spent the day outside doing yard work and building. Monkey supervised our work.

I was raking the debris from under the raspberries, Big Daddy was digging holes and Monkey was spinning around dancing to the radio. That one moment is the reason we moved here. Life is good when the sun is shining. We all got a little sunburned yesterday. I only ended up with one small patch of poison ivy on my arm. Yes, life is good.

There are lots of things sprouting in the garden. Some of them have not been invited and I will have to remove them. I am of the opinion that it is much too early for weeds. I can't wait for radishes and fresh lettuce. We'll plant potatoes next week. In another three or four weeks I should be able to start planting the warm weather crops - beans, okra, black-eyed peas, squash, cucumbers and annual herbs and flowers. I will wait a few more weeks before I set the tomatoes and other plants. Last year I was over-eager and had to cover them on several occasions.

I should go outside and help Big Daddy. We have guests coming to dinner. None of us are ham people and a leg of lamb was $40 at Ingles, so we are having barbeque. There's a boston butt on the smoker. We'll pop open a jar of Big Daddy's secret sauce and one of homemade pickles. The baked beans are in the oven and the slaw is in the fridge. Lent is over so I will be drinking beer once again. Life is good.

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