Wednesday, December 29, 2004

It's Been a Long Day

This is the first day I've put Monkey in "big girl" panties. She's had two accidents today. Both times she had a total melt down after she wet herself. Maybe this is the way to go. I think those pull ups are too much like diapers. She never really felt wet. I've just got to remember to watch her and help her make it to the potty on time and keep up the positive reinforcement... ugh.

The dogs were barking earlier at something. It could have been the bear, but I don't think so. I think he's hibernating by now. It was probably something much more scary like a raccoon or something even more exotic, like the pit bull down the road. At least once a week they bark at something we can't seem to see.

My friend, Quiche Lorraine, is having her 40th birthday in May. She is going to have a themed party based on a 1983 high school prom. I'm going to take off on my own, if I can swing it. Now I just have to find a prom dress! Right now she is trying to decide on the theme song. I get to design the invitations. Now if only I could find some gay guy to go as my date, it would be just like high school. I don't think Big Daddy would mind.

On a more somber note, the death toll from the tsunami keeps rising. We are now hearing stories of survivors. I haven't had the news on the television on much because I don't want Sophie to see all the carnage. I can luckily shield my two year old from the death and destruction. So many others in the world aren't that lucky. We forget about the awesome and devastating power of nature and then it reminds us with swift, indiscriminate force just how powerful it can be. My prayers go out to all the suffering.

I've been reading Chickens in Your Backyard by Rick and Gail Luttmann. It was a Christmas gift from B.D.'s grandfather. I'm preparing for my new role as chicken farmer. It's got to be easier than potty training Sophie. All I can say is the dogs, bears, raccoons, and chipmunks better stay away from my little chicks when they arrive.

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  1. I recently started reading your blog and decided to start from the very beginning, as time will allow.

    Like you, I'm new to chicken herding. You mentioned the book you were reading and it reminded me of one that I've read and love: KEEP CHICKENS! by Barbara Kilarski. You're probably well beyond the need to read this book but it's still an entertaining and interesting read. Your local library may have it...