Friday, December 24, 2004

Getting Ready for Christmas

I jumped in and started a blog. I need somewhere to put down thoughts and I keep losing journals. Can I lose a webpage? Probably. I've got some baking to do this morning. I need to make some more ginger cake. We've got to make one more trip to the store. They were out of eggs last night. How does a grocery store run out of eggs? Oh, and I can't forget the cat food. I might as well get started. I think Big Daddy just finished making breakfast and I need more coffee.
This will be Monkey's first Christmas with a fireplace. It's also the first where she has some concept of what is going on. She wants Santa to bring her a horse and a mountain bike. I think he'll be able to handle the horse (the rocking variety, not the other just yet). I think we'll wait a few more years for the mountain bike. Although, I think she's getting a little big to be riding on the back of mine...

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