Thursday, December 30, 2004

The End of the Day

We went out for pizza tonight. Oh, how I love the Mellow Mushroom. I had a couple of Highland Gaelic Ales and a lovely banana pepper, black olive, mushroom and onion pizza brought to us by our server, Olaf. It was incredibly crowded for a Thursday night. It must be the holiday thing. Monkey behaved quite well, which always makes me happy. She's now asleep. Hooray!

Some friends are coming over tomorrow night to ring in the new year. We'll just lock all of the 1-4 year olds in a room together. Actually the kids always do better than the parents...

Big Dady is talking on the phone to a woman from church. They are planning the Epiphany potluck. B.D. has been pegged to do a mess of barbeque. These North Carolinians can't get enough of his Kansas City style bbq. Kind of funny. I should probably stop typing and go back to living. I've got lots to do tomorrow.

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