Wednesday, March 28, 2007

As promised

Here are the first photos of the new chicks. They aren't even a day old yet. I've got some funny combos going and am going to have to credit Number Two, of the Great Rooster Swap, with adding a little something to the gene pool. He's been a very busy rooster by the look of things.

I'm worried about the effect of such fuzziness on the minds of our staff at school. One assistant proclaimed she wanted to marry the first chick. The other started crying when she first saw the wet, rather wretched looking thing in the incubator and said she hoped she loved her baby as much as she loved that chick. In her defense, she is 6 months pregnant with raging hormones.

I'm keeping them in my office until Friday when they can come home and join the writhing pit of free rooster chicks in my studio.


  1. Holy MOLY they are cutesters...

    One question though: I know why they'd want to give you all rooster chicks with that load. But when they're that itty bitty can people really sex them?

    Oh, and isn't it conveeeeeeeenient for the shippers that they "need" something "warm" and that they have "extra" boy chicks? If people only want eggs and not meat, they're going to be stuck with an awful lot of roosters running around.

  2. These are from the incubator, so I can't sex them. There are professional "sexors" who sex chicks for the big hatcheries.

  3. So there really are "sexors"? That's crazy.

    Um, enjoy your roostery tastiness.

    (I want to be in a writhing pit of roosters right now. I guess I'll take a shower and do some laundry instead)

  4. One of them does look rather Homity Pie-ish, though, I think - perhaps it is a chicken name after all...?

  5. I definitely see a lot of Number Two in there. You're going to have test-patterned chickens. :-)

    How wonderful to hatch them yourself! One day I hope we will too...