Saturday, December 30, 2006

Roosters Swapped

I met up with Jamie on Thursday and it was a wonderful meeting. We met in a brewpub in downtown Greenville, SC and swapped roosters. It was an odd excuse for a meeting, but a worthwile one. She had an extra Speckled Sussex rooster (which I had been wanting, as I have four hens) and I had Lucky, the Barred Rock/Dominique - only named because he managed to escape not one, but two attempts at butchering. Good luck, Jamie - he's a handsome, yet crafty creature. The Sussex is now getting used to his new surroundings with one hen and will soon be joining the group.

I haven't been doing this whole blog thing quite as long as she, so it was nice to meet someone else doing what I'm doing. I liken it to meeting a pen pal. Do people still have pen pals? I had one from Japan and one from France (who at some point got tired of my poor French grammar, and stopped les lettres. Jamie was just as friendly and cool as I expected and surprisingly familiar. I suppose it helps that I've been reading her posts for almost two years... I even made the aquaintance of her car, Squeaky - which is blue, sort of.

Here is Number Two (her name for him, but it seems to be sticking) at the rooster swap high atop a parking garage in Greenville. He was quite perturbed when I brought him home and then he saw the Speckled Sussex hen in the pen next to him and he turned on the old rooster charm (they must be hardwired that way...). Way to go Number Two and welcome to Little Creek Farm.


  1. That picture of #2 is even better than I remembered! Heh. He's such a ham.

    Again, I was so happy to meet you! Let's make a habit of ironing out our livestock situations together. :-)

  2. Very cool that you're both official poultrypals. Yes, people do still have penpals, I have several, in fact. When I was 12, I had 21 foreign penpals and actually still write with two of them! I met the one from Sweden about 10 years ago when her hubby flew her here to stay with us for 10 days!

  3. Poultrypals! I like that.

    We should make rooster swap an annual event. Maybe not always roosters, but a beer could be involved.

  4. I'm so jealous that my imaginary friends got together without me. At least I hear I was there in spirit. ;) I need to email you about Kansas City one of these days...

    And so I don't have to re-log in, your greenhouse looks so awesome!!