Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Arrr! I'm a pirate

Marie goes from lap turkey to parrot...

Please ignore my pastiness. It's March and I've been under the weather for the last couple of weeks... Of course, while I've been sick and otherwise overwhelmed with work, discord has been brewing in the barnyard.

"That damn turkey gets all the attention!"

"We find it best just to ignore her, honking only encourages her..."

Actually no poultry feelings were hurt in the creating of this entry. We were all just enjoying a rather chilly, but sunny Sunday afternoon.


  1. That is so cute! Every time you post about your turkeys I want one. Must... restrain... self....

    I'm dying for a goat update, too. (We have babies now - if you're interested, check 'em out on my blog.)

  2. Oh yes, the goats! How are they doing?

    It's nice to finally see what you look like. Not that I'll remember, but it's nice all the same. :)

    Ahoy, matey!

  3. Oh no. Really. Our farm store now has turkeys AND ducks and tons of cute little chickies...I went in wondering when the guinea keets would arrive but wouldn't it be SO fun to get a turkey? Or...a bowling pin duck? (Restraint.)

  4. Pasty? I didn't notice anyone looking pasty except the duck. Nice parrot.

  5. Lori - which blog. I tried to go to your farm one and needed a password! Glad to hear there are babies :)

    Liz - the goats are good and soon I'll be able to write about their new pasture/run - fencing is coming!


    el - baby birds are so hard to resist, really.

    monica - thanks for not noticing the complexion... :)

  6. Pirates rule. Especially ones with turkeys.

    Too funny...

  7. Oh how I've missed Marie! It's great to see her!