Monday, March 12, 2007

Things are a popping

What's growing under lights:

  • Sweet Dakota Rose Watermelon (that's it up there)

  • Sugar Baby Watermelon

  • Lots of Tomatoes (I've listed those)

  • Long Island Brussel Sprouts

  • Cheddar Cauliflower

  • Florence Fennel

  • Sweet Basil

  • Candytuft (a nice groundcover perennial)
Then there's all the stuff I did on Saturday at the Organic Grower's School in the propagation workshop. Rhododendren, Azalea, Ninebark, Ivy, Buckeye, and Dogwood are all in flats or pots. I thought the propagation class would be on vegetables, but it dealt with woody ornamentals for the most part. That's fine, but that's what I know - trees and shrubs... My experience is mostly with tropical trees from my Peace Corps days, so it was a nice refresher course on propagation techniques. My afternoon class was on landscaping with edibles. I now have a giant list of proven varieties to plant. I was sad to hear that cherries are difficult to grow in our mountain climate, but not impossible. Luckily, it seems I innadvertently planted the varieties that do best here. How's that for dumb luck?

In the garden:

The garlic is thriving and the peas are starting to poke up. This week the cabbage and broccoli starts will go in the garden. Now I've got to head off to work. I'm counting down the days until my contract ends - May 31. I feel a little like a graduating senior... Soon I'll have all summer to spend in the garden (and blog).

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  1. Good luck with finishing out your contract; sounds like you have plenty of things to be getting on with when you're done with it!

    And good news about all the growing things - somehow spring always get me by surprise. :)