Monday, January 09, 2006

What's the Worst?

This is. Poor little Biscuit the Wonder Dog once again had a run-in with a neighborhood bully. This time for the last time. She is quite well. The only problem (besides the drain on my bank account) is that we are leaving town tomorrow for a visit to Baltimore. While my good friend T. will be taking care of the other animals, Biscuit will be lounging at the veterinarian's swanky kennel. That way they can take out the drain they had to put into the wound on her flank. Poor B.

Staying true to my New Year's resolution to be kind, I kindly informed the bad dog's owner that he would be receiving a bill, plus the last bill from April, plus the bill for the chickens that were slaughtered in July (he has the previous bills, but never got around to paying them, ahem...). He would be receiving these from my lawyer. It's not as if I actually keep a lawyer on retainer, I just happen to have several for friends and family - which is even better. I didn't even raise my voice - I let Big Daddy take care of that part.

So, apart from that drama and the fact that I was peeing blood (another story - let me just tell you that I am taking lots of drugs and doing much better, thank you) I am looking forward to a few days in a big city with family to show me around. Big Daddy will be spending his day in a conference full of landscape designers and architects and salesmen (ho hum). Monkey and I will be spending our days at the aquarium and the science museum, eating crab and taking long lunches with my favorite cousin.


  1. Well, I'm glad everyone is OK. Cairo had to wear one of those collars when he had his leg surgery, and he looked a little humiliated.

    Dogs recover quickly, given the chance, and I hope you will, too. Meanwhile, I wish your neighbor ill.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Poor Biscuit. I'm with Jamie and sending ill thoughts to your neighbor. Grrrr.
    Have fun in the big city!

  3. Oh, poor little Biscuit! Plus lounging in the vet's kennel can't be a lot of fun. Boo.

    I hope your neighbour keeps a leash on that dog of his in future. Surely a few bills from your lawyer will provide a good incentive.

    Enjoy your holiday!