Monday, January 30, 2006

What Have I Been Up To?

Well, nothing and everything, really. I spent a lot of time in planning meetings this week - all volunteer and all looking like I will be losing my personal time and donating my talents without compensation. I must learn to say "no" at some point.

Saturday was quite lovely and I spent most of the day outside. I'm still trying to rid the drive of the mountain of mulch. One dump truck can hold a lot of mulch, in case you were wondering. The balmy weather has got me in the mind for spring, even though I realize it can snow at any moment. But, make hay while the sun shines, not that I'm making hay - just cleaning out beds and making things look all tidy. The weather has caused the crocus to start coming up.

I'm rambling as I've had about an hour of sleep. The Monkey was up all night (and I do mean all night) with an earache. She has finally passed out on the sofa at about 6 o'clock this morning. I'm waiting for her doctor's office to open so I can schedule a visit today. Her ear drum ruptured once last year and I'm worried it may do the same again. Poor thing.

I am making a new new year's resolution to post more regularly.

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  1. Our daffodils are blooming! I keep wondering if we are even going to get any winter at all. Seems to me I can count on one hand the nights it's been hard-frozen. It makes me feel as though our greenhouse is useless. ;-)

    I was up all night, too, but for a reason much less close to my heart than a sick child. Bats. Inside. One at a time. All night. GAAAAAAHHHHH. Luckily, tonight is when our Plan goes into action.