Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Chicken Update

Little Hen has returned to the flock. She seemed quite happy to be back in the great outdoors. I was tempted to sit her on the couch just once, but decided that might be foolish. I did paint her toenails purple before I put her back with the other chickens. That's not quite as foolish as it sounds. You see, she looks just like all the other Dominique hens and I wanted to be able to tell her apart quickly so I could check on her progress. She's doing well and I imagine the fashionable nail color (monkey's choice) will fade away with time.


  1. If you painted ALL their toenails, you'd be able to tell all of them apart. Just an idea...

  2. I bet she is the envy of all the other hens, not to mention the object of much curiosity--like the bunny in Watership Down who gets to tell all the other rabbits what it was like to ride in a car.