Thursday, January 19, 2006

Here's Maggie!

Were you worried? I've been so busy. We spent last week in Baltimore and enjoyed life in the Big City for a bit. As Big Daddy summed it up our first day as we walked down a wet and foggy street, "I know what I miss about living in the city.... It's that smell!" Monkey and I enjoyed ourselves at the National Aquarium and the Baltimore Science Center. She has a thing for sharks and dinosaurs. Something needs to balance out the princess obsession, I guess. Although crabs were out of season, we enjoyed other seafood and ate heartily.

We returned on Friday night. Two of my oldest and dearest friends - let's call them Buffy and Chowderhead - arrived here on Friday as well. So I spent the weekend showing them around town and doing the tourist thing. It was quite fun to see them. Chowderhead just finished her doctorate. So now we can just call her Doc Chow. It was a fun girls' weekend. We did allow Big Daddy to join us for dinner. After all, he did cook it for us one night.

Biscuit is doing quite well. I've taken her cone head off and she gets her stitches removed tomorrow. I'm also talking to a lawyer friend about what sort of options I have for revenge, er I mean justice. Because of a few unruly neighborhood dogs I'm out all sorts of money and I've had enough.

And for all of you here's a shot of this morning's sunrise.

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  1. Oooooh! That beautiful sunrise made me forget that I was going to chastise your ass for disappearing and leaving me with a sad puppy picture.