Thursday, November 10, 2005

Monkey Speak

The Monkey has a distinct vocabulary. I'm not sure if her play on words is a sign of genius, or a sign that she needs serious help. Here is a sampling of the latest entries into the Monkey Lexicon.

Boobier = Bra. "Mommy look at that giant pink boobier! You need one - a pink one."

Kabbalah Bar = Granola Bar. "I think we should have a kabbalah bar now, Mommy." (If she suddenly starts speaking with a fake British accent and wants to wear pointy boobiers, I will be worried.)

Yogi Posie = Yoga. "Get out the mat and let's do some yogi posie!"


  1. Kids are so funny with words. My 4 year old nephew calls granola bars Gorilla Bars.

  2. Genius. Definitely genius.