Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Life As Usual

Life here has been just rolling along. Nothing exciting has been happening. The chickens are happy and are laying their eggs. Everyone is healthy. Perhaps that is why I let almost a whole week pass without any blog entries.

We have been experiencing unseasonably warm weather, but I think that may be at an end. Temperatures are supposed to drop 20 or 30 degrees over the course of the day and it's rather wet and misty. Big Daddy is excited because he wants to set the fireplace a roaring. (He likes to burn things. It brings out the Eagle Scout in him.) We traded a load of mulch for a load of firewood with my friend, Susan, a month or so ago and he's been anticipating winter ever since.

It is a good day to make a pot of soup and a loaf of bread.


  1. I'm glad things have been good! :-)

    Weather's the same here. Temps are dropping precipitously. Instead of soup and bread, we're going for tandoori chicken and naan. Fiery, baby!

  2. laura5:04 PM

    I'm so impressed he's an Eagle Scout! My Lil Guy is sloooowly working his way there.

  3. Oh naan. Mmm. I ended up making an asian inspired soup, so skipped the bread. I would love a good naan recipe though.