Thursday, November 17, 2005

Girl's Day

Big Daddy is out of town again. Monkey and I quite enjoyed ourselves in his absence. To start, I helped escort Monkey's class to a performance of Peter and the Wolf. She sat enthralled through the whole performance, barely moving a muscle, except for the moments when she tried to mimic the ballerina portraying the duck. She is in love with the duck. Her favorite instrument is the violin. She announced that she will play one - a pink one, and she would like it for Christmas. She says, "I will be a violinist."

"Oh," I say, "I thought you wanted to be a doctor like Dr. E." "Yes," she replies, "A doctor like Dr. E. Only I will be an animal doctor and take care of their hearts. I will have a pink telescope (stethoscope) AND I will play the violin." And after a slight pause, "And I will be a ballerina princess." That's my girl.

Later we dined out for lunch, did some grocery shopping, made curried split yellow pea soup for dinner, played Candy Land, and roasted marshmallows over the fire. Monkey was in bed a half an hour early tonight. She needs her rest if she plans to follow the career path she's chosen.

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  1. Any girl who is in love with a duck is a winner in my mind. Even though in my mind that sounded better than in writing. ;) Go Monkey, the future duck doctor!