Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Busy Busy

I've been slammed with stress causing deadlines and little rest. This gets heaped on top of dead electronics, car insurance due and an apparent glitch with my bank account involving our health insurance (which is automatically withdrawn) going up $50 several months ago and me not knowing about it. Everyone is apologetic, but the damage is still done. Let's put this one down as the fault of the U.S. Postal Service Employee who can't seem to get the right mail in the right mailboxes... Damn her. Oh, and I guess that will learn me to balance my checkbook every month from now on.

On the good news front here's the egg count from the last several days:
Saturday: 3
Sunday: 4 (!)
Monday: 3
I've two eggs so far today. I have a dozen! I'll wait until later to make my final count. At least one of the girls is a late afternoon layer.

Today I had to buy a new printer. The old unreliable Epson finally bit the dust. I decided on the Canon photo printer/scanner/copier. It's big and sleek and slightly intimidating. While bigger than the old printer, it also replaces the flat bed scanner that took up space on my desktop. I'm quite impressed with the quality of copies and prints, not to mention the ease of scanning.

I'm planning on baking these (thanks to Jamie) later in the week to take to Monkey's school's open house on Saturday. They sort of have a no sugar policy with snacks, but, seriously, how can they ever expect to attract more students with that idea? Besides it's not a school day.


  1. Yay! One thing...you may want to split the difference and use 10 Tbs. of butter. Mine got a little dry after the initial hour of warm-pastry bliss.