Monday, September 26, 2005

Weekend Roundup

We stayed close to home this weekend. Saturday morning was an open house at Monkey's school. The Nutella cupcakes were devoured rapidly. Someone wisely cut them into halves and then quarters so everyone could get a taste. I'll be making them again. I had to use six of my little pullet eggs to equal the three eggs called for, but the dark orange yolks of grass fed chicken eggs gave the cupcakes a wonderful golden color. That night my friend Kelley and her family came over for barbeque and porch sitting. It was all very yummy. Kelley made dark chocolate ice cream using eggs from hens I had given her. That's what I call sharing the wealth.

Sunday was spent cleaning out the garage to make way for my new studio. We will be adding heating and cooling so it will be practical for me to work there year round. It was a giant purging session with boxes to go to the yard sale at church, books to the book seller, clothes to Good Will and one giant trash pile. Seriously, I can't figure out why we packed some things to bring all the way across country to never use. It's a mystery, but it's now going away.

Friday's Egg Count: 3
Saturday's Egg Count: 3
Sunday's Egg Count: 3
Today's Egg Count: 4

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