Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Tuesday is Kindermusik Day - at least for one more week. Monkey was in rare form, even for her, this morning. We had "discussions" about what to wear to class. It was in the 50's this morning. I thought jeans, a pink polo shirt and an aqua sweater would be nice. She thought a smock top, pink tutu and white patent leather shoes with pink bows was appropriate attire. She didn't see the need for underpants. While the logic of my choice had little affect, letting her go outside in her outfit for a few minutes convinced her to change. She did manage to change back into her choice for dinner tonight. Dinner was followed by dancing to the digital cable Dance Music channel. The Monkey was ready for clubbing.

The chickens are growing at an alarming rate. I thought I'd have at least a few weeks before they needed to be in the chicken house. Several are already trying out their little wings. One is trying to cluck. I've also figured out which one is my rooster, only there seem to be two of them. Two roosters. If the mystery chicken is a rooster, that will be three roosters. Three roosters. Somebody is going to end up in the pot. Hopefully I can find a home for the extras. I have found homes for several of the hens. There is no way that I want to have 26 chickens.

I weeded the garden while Monkey napped this afternoon. The potatoes are starting to come up. I've never grown potatoes before, so I'm kind of excited. I'll need to thin the lettuce tomorrow. The beets, carrots and peas are coming along nicely. And the radishes are doing well.

Monkey's garden has radishes and carrots coming up. She is growing shallots for my mother. She and the cat were watering them today and having a very important one-sided conversation over her pansies. She has a cabbage. She had two, but the rabbits got one. Is she too young to know the heartache of gardening? I've got a cherry tomato plant for her to plant. We'll plant some sunflowers in the next day or two. I would love to plant a pumpkin or watermelon, but think it would cover her whole garden. Maybe a cucumber on a trellis? Catnip for the cat? I'm trying to think of things that can survive the monkey, grow big and be colorful, flavorful, or smell extra good. She loves berries, but they are planted in other beds around the yard. I like the idea of her being able to pluck something and pop it into her mouth. I think she likes that idea to. Finally something we can agree on.

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