Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Candy Land

Monkey had her third birthday on Sunday. We had a small party with her favorite friends - all boys. None of my friends have girls. Monkey is the sole girl and ruler of all. We had devils food cake with bittersweet whipped ganache frosting and homemade strawberry and vanilla ice creams. Monkey ate the last piece of cake for breakfast this morning. After your birthday you can have cake for breakfast every morning until it's gone. That's the rule at our house. Fortunately for her teeth and my waistline, the cake is now gone.

All she wanted for her birthday was Candy Land. Now it says that it is for ages 3-6. Have you ever played a board game with a three year old? First she changes game pieces with every turn - "I'm green... I'm red... I'm blue... I'm green!" Then she starts talking to the board - "Hello Chocolate Monster! Ooh, you're scary!!!" Forward movement on the board is a foreign concept. Board games with three year olds are a scattering of new rules and nonsense. I wish I was three again.


  1. That's a good rule! Better to have it instead of a meal than in addition to one, is my motto. It doesn't even have to be your birthday (although mine is coming up and I am making very excited plans for what I want to have for dinner/dessert that day).

    You know that AOL commercial that's on nowadays? The "I smell cake" girl is our mascot, or maybe my TV double. :-)

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Do you happen to know who that woman who says "I smell cake" is? She looks famous.

  3. I was at a party yesterday and everyone at the party thought I was the "I smell cake" chick. Who is she? I need to pay better attention to that commercial next time.

  4. Anonymous2:55 PM

    I'd kill for one night in satin with her. Her name is Erin Foley by the way.