Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Here Comes the Rain Again

We've had waves of thunderstorms roll over this afternoon. They've been brief and furious. Our little mountain stream is a rolling little river right now.

I planted my tomatoes before the first storm hit. I managed to mulch one row. It looks very neat and tidy. The second row looks a little mud-splattered. It hailed during the first storm. I kept my fingers crossed that it would not damage my little plants. They are fine.

We are on storm number three now. Mountain storms are funny. You generally hear them before you see or feel them. I heard the thunder about a half an hour before the rain started. I worked faster, hoping to finish. You hear the wind and water hitting the trees, getting progressively louder before the storm arrives. For someone who grew up where you could see a storm coming long before it arrived this can cause a little anxiety. I like to see what's coming my way.

I'm not afraid of storms. Actually I'm one of those people who likes to stand out in the middle of them - to commune with the elements, to feel the wind full force. To get struck by lightning... If I had a video camera, I'd be the fool filming the tornado with the distraught relative in the background yelling, "Honey, come to the basement!" So let's say I kind of like the anxiety - the da-du... da-duh... da-duh... feel of the storm's approach. It gets the blood pumping. The dog is hiding under the bed. I'm going to go stand on the porch for awhile and enjoy the rain.


  1. We had those stormfronts too, but we were just on the edge of them. All they did here was create a lot of impressive noises and toss down a few widely scattered raindrops.

    You have some salad eating ahead of you! Is that red oak leaf lettuce I see?

  2. Yes, red oak leaf. I think we just planted mixes this year as we tend to like those tender leaves all mixed up. We had a nice little delicate salad last night. I tossed in some fresh scallions and a few radishes then added just a dash of olive oil and a touch of vinegar. Some fresh pepper a flick of sea salt and viola! Instant Yummy.