Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tailgate Market

Our little local tailgate market is booming. It's so much fun to pack everything up and head down to the fire station on Saturday morning. Local small and hobby farmers are selling their produce and wares. People are stopping by and buying things. We've developed a following for eggs and late arrivals were sad to find we were sold out.
We sold out of everything but a pound of white potatoes yesterday. The exciting part was that we had a couple of chefs and caterers seperately stop by and they loved our market and, in particular, our produce. Two are supposed to call and talk about growing for or selling to them. I think for that to happen though we'd need more land.
In the garden, everything is growing despite the drought. We have been carefully watering. I need to get in there today and attack the potato beetles. The Japanese beetles have arrived and I'll have to set up a few traps. The chickens will love that!
Speaking of traps. The first night of trapping - nothing. Last night one bantam hen and two guinea keets would not come in despite our best efforts (when they fly high up in the beech or crawl under the chicken coop, it's impossible to lure them or catch them). There was only one keet outside this morning. She had flown high up in the beech. I'm so frustrated I could scream. The bait had been eaten out of the trap. So again tonight we'll be setting traps and locking up birds. The geese are not very happy with having to spend the night with the chickens. I've been telling them that once the new goat barn is built, they can have a fancy stall next to the goats.


  1. I want your carrotses. They look so exciting, and the colours! The colours!

  2. AnnaMarie9:44 PM

    I've planted purple carrots but it will be at least another month before I can harvest.... sigh. Your blog makes me hungry.