Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tailgate Market 6.30

Another busy market day...

Gigi guards the carrots. Good dog.


  1. AnnaMarie9:26 AM

    I am so envious you have carrots already. Love the pic of the dog guarding the carrots! Do you have any problems with her digging them up?

  2. I want those beet thingies. Now. This very instant. Oh, and please send the dog over too. ;)

  3. Gigi's not a digger, thank god. She will run down the garden rows, so she's not generally allowed in the garden.
    KW, the beets are "golden" (quite sweet and delicious, but difficult to germinate) and chiogga. I'm not even a beet person, and I like them! Sorry, I have to keep Gigi. I'm the center of her universe, you see. :)