Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On the road

We are on vacation. We've come to Mid-Missouri for my nephew's first birthday. I've been relaxing as much as possible with a five year old and her grandparents. It can be daunting. Tomorrow we are heading up to our old neighborhood to visit this. I can't wait to visit the new expansion. As a student, I spent many hours in the basement looking at paintings that the public rarely saw. There was no room to display all the work. I've waited a long time for this.
I also plan to chow on Vietnamese food. It's the single greatest thing that I miss from city-living (next to weekly visits to the art museum down the street, of course).
I'm planning on seeing to very close friends tonight and then my dear, dear friend is arriving from Switzerland tomorrow and another is coming in from New York. We are having a little reunion Friday night and I just can't wait.
I would be posting exciting photos, but I left my camera cord back in North Carolina. Oh well, now that I'm free from the daily desk job, I'll have more time to post things when I get home. I may just have a review from the museum tomorrow. It depends on how tired I am.
I hope the goats are behaving for their sitter!

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