Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Return to the land of the living

The last day of school was last Friday. I'm beginning to feel like a real person again. I've had time to drink coffee and linger in the garden in the morning. Feeding the animals is a time to relish, not to hurry. I also have time to plan for the market on Saturday. I'll be cutting flowers, pulling onions, clipping herbs and cleaning eggs on Friday instead of Saturday morning.

Agatha Grunker got her little goat-self into the chicken coop on Sunday and gorged herself on layer pellets. It's not an understatement to say that she's feeling well under the weather. She has perked up a little today. I'm limiting food to a nice hay and water. Keep your fingers crossed. I think she'll be o.k. in a day or two.


  1. I came this morning to look and see what you had written recently but didn't leave a comment---now tonight you leave a little Amen note. You must have liked that quote---as do I very much. I have a son anyways---and can't imagine ...

    Yeah! School is out---I know you are glad too! My favorite part about it is now I have a "friend" to eat lunch with for the summer!

  2. Oh dear - Agatha! What were you thinking?


  3. Agatha! Bad girl. Even if you're cute, you're BAD!

    C'mon and smile for Stew, ok?

  4. monica - I liked that quote and its sentiment. :)

    KW & Stew - Never fear, Agatha is back to her onery self!