Saturday, September 30, 2006

The week in photos

It is lazy of me not to write, but I truly have been overwhelmed with work this week. So, I'll be writing more later, but here's some images from the week (that don't involve upset parents, second grade soccer field brawls, open houses, contract negotiations, and state standardized testing for school administrators...).

Louis is much to pretty to turn into Thanksgiving dinner, don't you think?

Marie is my constant gardening companion (and tomato theif).

Mmm... There's always time for cinnamon rolls!

Good morning!


  1. Louis is Gorgeous! Definitely too handsome for anyone's table. I'm glad you posted a photo of Marie.. she's been on my mind lately for some reason. What a nice companion... even if she is a thief.

  2. I agree with Juli. Way too gorgeous. We have already decided that our Royal Palm will be overwintering. :-)

    Aren't turkeys just the *nicest*? So curious and sociable.

  3. I cannot think of a single thing that looks better than those cinnamon thingies.

    Oh, except maybe Louis.


  4. Great photos. I don't remember ever saying these words before, but what a beautiful turkey you've got there.

  5. Not only are they pretty, (I never imagined saying THIS), they are pretty sweet turkeys.

  6. What gorgeous photos! Louis is especially beautiful - isn't there some sort of tradition in the US that one turkey gets 'spared'? I think he's a great candidate.