Monday, September 18, 2006

Is it the end already???

I can't believe it is week #12 of Liz's One Local Summer. I had hoped for a dramatic ending, but unfortunately we only made 3 meals at home this week. Pitiful, I know, but there are reasons! Charlie to off for Virginia for more than his usual amount of time. (More on that in a minute.)

There was a land mine found in the creek about a half a mile from our place. Yes, a land mine. How does a claymore anti-personnel device end up in a mountain creek in North Carolina? No one seems to know. A neighbor boy and his friend found it. Luckily they are two bright 4th graders and rather than playing with it went and told Mom & Dad. Smart kids. The police, volunteer fire department, highway patrol and anyone else with any sort of authority were down on the road (blocking my way home...). And the Asheville police bomb squad detonated it. It was "alive". It's got me thinking about walking willy-nilly through the woods, as I'm apt to do. Perhaps I should be training Gigi in explosive detection instead of agility...

Back to Charlie. He went to Virginia, signed a bunch of contracts, came home and quit his job. The contracts were for his new business. He's starting his own landscape design/consultation and planning company. No building or installing - just his own fabulous ideas. I'm very happy for him. He's wanted to do things his own way for a long time. The time was right and he finally (with lots and lots of careful planning and plotting!) just did it.

I've been extra busy at school with a few personnel issues. Did I mention that I will never complain about academic administrators again? I won't.

So, we did eat out a lot this week. We finally had time to go shopping yesterday. The cupboard is full of good things, so this week should be easy!

Anyway for our last hurrah of a local summer, we had eggs (0 miles), sausage (3 miles) and hashbrowns (0 miles). Sorry no photo, the camera is being quite tempermental. But trust me, it was lovely, homey, comforting and good!


  1. A land mine? That's horrible... so fortunate the kids were smart enough to leave it alone.

    Congratulations to Charlie on the new business! Best wishes to him (and you) in the new venture.

    How are the goats doing these days? Are you going to breed them this fall? Have you found a buck for them, or are you going to try AI...?

  2. Oh, good on you, Charlie! Lots and lots of luck with the new venture - sounds like just the right thing for him.

    And I hope things start to calm down on the admin front really soon. After all, how else will you get in the lap turkey time which we all value so much?! ;)

  3. Congrats to Charlie! What great news... nothing beats being your own boss. :)

    Yes, I do think we're overdue for a goat update...

    And a land mine? That one's kind of hard to wrap my head around.

  4. I don't know where you're located, but there used to be a company (Amcel, perhaps? I forget, but it was back in the 60s) just outside Asheville that manufactured landmines. They had a test pit up near Bee Tree, says my husband.

    I'm a lurker, but I do enjoy reading your blog!

  5. Hmmm, Bee Tree is just a couple of miles away (as the crow flies)! It could be an explanation...

    Oh, and don't worry ~ the goats and turkeys are ready to get back in the blog. They told me so today!