Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just call me Dr. Doolittle

It was a very long weekend for us. We left Thursday night for Indianapolis to attend the wedding of one of Charlie's cousins. It was a very long weekend. But we made it home in time for work and school on Monday.

As I was preparing for today's all-school field trip I heard a rather loud "thunk" on my office door (which is a big glass door to the playground). I looked out and saw a young cedar waxwing flopping on the landing. The afternoon sun had made the glass look just like the outside and it had flown right in to it. I picked it up and it seemed stunned. It sat on my lap for close to 30 minutes before flying up into the dogwood outside my office. Here the little fellow is all happy and well again. Glad I could be of service little guy.


  1. Aww, poor little guy. I'm glad he's okay! What a nice parting photo, too.

  2. Aw... my favorite bird (when they're not eating my strawberries or stealing my cherries or...), good save. :)

  3. yikes.. I've had a cuckoo do that a time or two. Scared the birdcrap out of me! Luckily for them, like your cedar wax wing, they were just a little stunned and got back to business after a short respite.

    On a previous topic... I showed my husband the latest pics of Lousis and Marie since I'd been talking about them. He agreed about Louis but didn't quite understand my fascination with Marie. You'll have to help me make him understand! Post more pics as the fall season blows by. (yes, that was a feeble attempt to persuade you to take and post more pictures... ) Oh, he also liked your buns. The CINNAMON buns!