Sunday, July 09, 2006

Local Meal #2

One Local Summer Sunday Night Dinner

Pork Ribs (Warren Wilson College Pig - 3 miles)
Green Beans (Garden - 0 miles) with Onion (Garden - 0 miles) and Bacon (from Bath County, VA - 15 miles from Charlie's home away from home)
Steamed All Blue and Green Mountain Potatoes (Garden - 0 miles) with dill (Garden - 0 miles)
Cole Slaw with Cabbage, Cosmic Purple and Amarillo Yellow Carrots, and Onion (Garden - 0 miles)

We are counting the Virginia food as local because Charlie spends almost as much time there as he does here. But he does bring home lovely meat and great wine when he comes home...
So, if we don't count the 5 hour drive for the bacon, I think a three mile radius is pretty darn good. I'm also counting the butter on the potatoes as an "oil". The salt came from England and the pepper came from somewhere warm and not within a hundred miles...

I wanted to make a pizza, but couldn't find local wheat. I'm searching. I'll probably make it later in the week. The basil is screaming to be picked.


  1. Maggie--

    For goodness' sake don't finish reading this until you've picked and eaten the basil. Yeesh!.

    The most local wheat I know of is from Guilford Mills, a very old (1767) water-powered mill on the banks of the Beaver River in Oak Ridge, NC. 166 miles from Asheville, and just west of Greensboro.

    Here is their web site. Some of their products are available at Mast General Store downtown.

    No idea where they procure their raw grains, but the packaging is a printed paper bag tied with twine, so it certainly doesn't have an Archer Daniels Midland feel about it.

    Seems like WNC ought to have its own mill somewhere, doesn't it? Surely someone is growing hard wheat around here.


  2. Yummy! (please don't ever eat the ducks)

  3. Gorgeous.

    Cosmic purple carrots! What planet do they grow on?

  4. It looks so beautiful, Maggie. I love how dill is so ethereal.
    One of the OLS participants works for NC extension... I should ask her your wheat question.