Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Anticipation in the Garden

The tomatoes are coming! The tomatoes are coming! We are watching all the tomatoes with much excitement. The plants, like this Cherokee Purple are loaded with fruit and it's only a matter of time. I wish I wasn't heading off to Missouri next week...

All the onions and carrots are out of the ground. I've started planting a third crop of beans. When I get back from visiting the family I'll start some lettuce and salads.

In animal news - all are doing well. The summer chicks are growing and will soon be out with the big birds (thank god). I'm tired of raising baby birds. And this batch are mean. Seriously evil-mean. Several start pecking me as soon as I come to their little pen. I wonder if they realize how tasty they are...

I trimmed the goats' hooves last night - a first for me. Dulcinea behaved much better than Agatha Grunker. Little Aggie put up quite the fight, but finally gave in. First I was afraid she would pass out, then I was afraid that I would cut too much; so I'll probably have to do a little follow up trim soon. It would be much easier with a milking stand to contain them. That's my next order of business...


  1. Hoof-trimming was a nerve-wracking experience for me, too. The milking stand helps, for sure, although they can still whip those hindquarters around pretty good. My doelings, when I did theirs a few weeks ago, were too small to put in the stand so I just sat on the ground and held them across my lap. Unorthodox, but it worked!

    Have you found this site yet? I love it! Lots of good, detailed info including on hoof trimming.

    Oh, and about that milking stand.... I built mine for cheep, based on instructions in the Jan/Feb 2006 Hobby Farms. I'm certainly no carpenter, but I didn't have any trouble with it. Something to consider if you don't want to shell out the big bucks for one of those metal prefab ones.

  2. We're in the tomato anticipation phase, too, but ours are cherry ones in the greenhouse. Every day I stalk new ones, waiting to see what's getting red...!

    Good to know the goats are doing well - hoof-trimming sounds like a barrel of laughs..

  3. lori -
    Yes, I've found that site to be useful. I just noted that she has a plan for a milking stand. I just need to find time to get building!

    KW -
    How big is your greenhouse? We are in the planning stages of one. Like the milk stand, I just need to find time!