Sunday, July 23, 2006

How's This for Local?

Here's this week's entry to Liz's One Local Summer challenge. Last night we had a couple of friends over to share some homegrown goodness. The wine wasn't local, but everything else traveled less than 100 yards from where it was grown to our kitchen.

Chicken - our own, which we butchered Thursday night. 0 miles

Roma Green Beans - the garden. 0 miles

All Blue and Green Mountain Potatoes - the garden. 0 miles

We also enjoyed some Spinning Spider Creamery fresh Chevre cheese (Marshall, NC - 25 miles) with Strawberry Jelly Jam (Little Creek Farm - 0 miles) and we sampled some of Charlie's Kim Chee/Chow Chow, which we have now dubbed "Charlie Chee" (it's tasty!).

There's a nice little warm feeling when you can offer friends things you've grown with your own hands. We talked about starting a local food dinner club, where we could get together and share our favorites. It could have been the wine talking, but this idea is something I'm definitely going to pursue.


  1. Your own chicken! Very nice. Ours aren't big enough yet, but at least one of our ducks is currently living on borrowed time...

  2. Wow. You win...