Thursday, May 25, 2006

Toil, Toil, Toil

I've spent the last several days planting, weeding and trying to get the goat pen ready for the girl's arrival on Saturday. Big Daddy is out of town, so that leaves lots of construction and perfecting to me. I've finally started staining the chicken coop - a lovely blue/grey. I've converted the new east wing into a feed room. The turkeys will just have to live with the chickens. Once I removed the chicken feed cans from the coop, there was plenty of room for all our avian charges. The little goat shed is full of nice straw bedding and I've cleaned out lots of little trees and overhanging branches around the pen, so they'll have more light.

I went to the feed store this morning and stocked up on goat chow, alfalfa hay and mineral salts. I need to find another source for my alfalfa because the feed store charges $9 a bale (it is close to 89 pounds, but still). Growing up in the midwest definitely spoiled me on my feed costs. I need to go buy some baking soda. I was hoping the feed store would have livestock grade, but no. Goats need baking soda to keep their rumens happy, so I'm off to the grocery store later.

My blog has been acting funny. I'm only able to see my last post with comments - odd. Let's hope it works itself out soon.

Keep those goat names coming!


  1. I'd love to find a source of bulk baking soda, too! The only place I've found it so far is Hoegger Goat Supply, which has it in 3 lb. bags. I'll let you know if I find another source, and I'd love it if you'd do the same. :)

    Toiling for the critters is such FUN, isn't it???

  2. I just checked Hoegger yesterday. Thanks.
    And Welcome!

  3. Just popping in to say I found baking soda in 50# bags at our local feedstore ($11). I don't know if this will help, but it is Arm & Hammer brand, Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate - "The Normalizer" Rumen Buffer. Distributed by Church & Dwight Co. in NJ. Maybe your feedstore could order some in?