Sunday, May 07, 2006

Talking Turkey

Our turkey poults are interesting creatures. They are more tender in constitution than the chickens. We've lost two to unknown reasons. I found one of the bronze poults laying on her side yesterday morning when I went to open the hen house door. She was still alive, but barely. The poor little thing died in my arms.

I think the turkeys suspect that they most of them may not make it past late fall. Each one vies for my attention and tries to get on my good side. One little white one has taken to flying into my arms every time I enter the run. I like to take a 5 gallon bucket into the run and sit on it among the young chicks. That way they can get used to me. They particularly like it when I bring treats. Watermelon is one of their favorites. This same turkey and one other like to come and sit on my lap. Then they take on the persona of a house cat and nuzzle and want to be petted. I will have to put an end to this soon. One reason is that a grown turkey flying up into my arms will probably not be so cute. The other reason would be that I really can't be petting my dinner, now can I?


  1. They sound so sweet (but I agree that a grown turkey trying to fly into your arms would *not* be charming at all!)... our turkey was raised at a friends so we never got to study it's turkey behavior.

    Sorry they seem to be dropping off, though. How many are left?

  2. Six turkeys are left - two bronze, one broad-breasted white, one midget white (I think)- which is the little flying kitten, and two (keep your fingers crossed) royal palms. They were white, but are getting black barring and black feathers (one is a lap turkey). The "midgets" only get a little larger than chickens, so it might not be so traumatic to have one flying into my arms. The royal palms are very pretty and medium sized. I think they start out white, so if that's what they are and one is a hen and the other a tom, it would be a nice pair to keep.

  3. I admire your practicality ('can't cuddle dinner') but I'm not sure I could do it myself! I felt just the same with Jamie's sheep...

  4. It's been an odd leap to make. I think I would have more of a problem with big brown-eyed fuzzy creatures.