Saturday, May 27, 2006

This Is What We're Made For!

Jamie has had an overload of cuteness on her blog with her new baby birds. I thought I'd share yesterday's cuteness overload here at Little Creek Farm.

The lucky ducks had their first swimming excursion in their new "pond". Here are Black, White, Black Two and Buffy. I'm not giving them names until I know if they are boys or girls. Buffy has started quacking (a lot!), so I'm going to assume she's a girl. Ah, the bliss of being a duck.

I'm off in about an hour to pick up Dudley's girls, so be prepared for some caprine cuteness to follow.


  1. PANT pant pant pant...

    More cuteness! For Ever and Ever!

    Go cute goodness!


  2. I am such a bad duck mom. My girls don't have a kiddie pool yet... maybe I'll pick one up this weekend.

    If Buffy is a quacker, that sounds female to me. If you pick them up and hold them until they protest, you should find out for sure about the others.

  3. They're huge! They look happy as can be.

    We have *so* got to get a kiddie pool.