Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No Idle Hands Here

The mountains are finally green. Well, the lower elevations are green at least. It seemed to happen overnight. It's amazing what a week of wet weather will do. We've had some cooler weather and I've been cautious about putting things out in the garden. Yesterday I did plant some filet beans and wax beans. The corn went in on Sunday and the potatoes are coming up. I think I'll wait until near Mother's Day to plant the tomatoes and cucumber seeds. That seemed to work quite well last year. Black-eyed peas may go into the ground this weekend, if all goes well.

Yesterday was the start of the Eat Local Challenge. I had a school board meeting (how I got talked into being on Monkey's school's board I don't know...). So dinner was sort of a free for all. I had leftover Bath County Steak on top of fresh greens from the garden. I think Monkey ate South Carolina Strawberries and something involving cheese. Big Daddy skipped dinner all together as he was busy making his contribution to the local food chain...

Behold! South Carolina Strawberry Jam. 24 half pints of yumminess. Monkey started off her day this morning with a healthy spread of "Big Daddy's Strawberry Jelly Jam" on a homemade biscuit. She then demanded two jars to take to her teacher and teacher's aide. I complied with her wishes as we should share the wealth when we can.
My big challenge today will be to come up with dinner. I have a meeting tonight. Normally on Tuesdays Big Daddy and Monkey eat out. B.D. generally takes her to a locally owned restaurant, so I may just leave it at that tonight. For me, there's always fresh lettuce and morrells when I get home...


  1. oooh... 24 jars?! BD sure was busy! It looks beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I am so excited...we're planning on going strawberry picking this Friday morning!

    You will be ahead of me on the blackeyed peas. I'm co-planting mine with the corn, and I'm supposed to wait until the corn is 6 to 8 inches tall. A little while longer!

  3. Morel mushrooms? I am so freaking jealous!

    My roommate went to VA with his parents a couple of weeks ago and told me a story about this guy who was looking for mushrooms. Roommate commented that he would not eat them, cause he would be too worried.

    I said, By chance were the mushrooms kind of cone shaped with a honeycomb pattern on the outside?
    "How did you know, Stew?"

    Um, yeah. I can't get those here.