Monday, April 03, 2006

Gobble Gobble Hey!

The turkeys have decided to make their first appearance to the world today. I hope this in no way places a jinx on them. The demise of their web-footed comrades seems to have had little to no effect on their tender young psyches. Baby turkeys are inquisitive critters. They greet me every morning. The little toms are already (!) puffing themselves up and strutting around the brooder cage.

I ordered more ducks and geese yesterday. This time I picked breeds (and spent more money). For the ducks - Buff Orpingtons, Cayugas and White Pekins; for the geese - one pair of Toulouse and one pair of Brown Chinese. They arrive the week after Easter. I will be training the geese in the art of dog intimidation.

Garden Update:

I planted two grapes yesterday - a Niagra and a Concord. There are now a hundred some onions (red and white) in the ground, as well as cabbage and broccoli. On Friday I planted some Black Seeded Simpson lettuce. I planned on planting more today, but we had a giant thunderstorm last night and the ground is a little too wet to play in today. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. You're right--those giant-eyed little poults are awfully cute!

    Glad to hear you are planting grapes as well. We thought we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, planting-wise, but then we arrived home today and found an unexpected package from a nursery on our front porch! It was something I ordered last fall that got backordered: 12 Nanking bush cherries, 2 chestnut trees, and 2 elderberries. Arrrrgh! Time to grab the shovel.

  2. That's a big back order!

    I got blue potatoes delivered from the UPS man on Friday. I'm still waiting on sweet potatoes and horseradish. I think that's it for mail ordering (except for the waterfowl, of course!).

    The grapes were sort of a spur of the moment purchase, but I'm glad we did it. Are the chestnuts Asian? I'm waiting for the blight resistant Americans. We have tons of little trees that come up from the stumps of long-dead trees (and then succomb). I wish I could have seen the giants that once covered this area.