Thursday, April 06, 2006

Burning and Blooming

Yesterday evening we were on alert as there was a forest fire in our valley. They finally stopped it last night about a quarter mile from our house. "Let's see, it's dry and it's very windy - what shall we do? Oh, I know! Let's burn some brush." Not to mention that there is a fire ban in the county... A total of 10 acres burned. Did you catch the quarter mile from my house???

Today the inbred, erh, irritating individuals down the hill (you'll remember them, I've mentioned them frequently - Confederate flags, pit bulls, Trans Am on blocks, old washers tossed into the woods...) decided that it was perfect weather to burn trash - tires, mattresses, t.v.s... I'm really not making this up. I decided it was my civic duty (and the fact that fire tends to move uphill is a little frightening!) to call the fire department. They sent someone out right away and the bonfire of the vanities was extinguished.

In between the flames and smoke Spring is happening here. And now a few shots of spring for your viewing pleasure.

A Promise Of Apples




  1. Gah! What kind of idiots burn things when the Forest Service says it's code red (which it is here, and I'm assuming it's the same where you are)?! Soooo dangerous. I am really glad you and your property weren't harmed.

  2. There is no shortage of brilliant people in the world. We're having the same kind of dryness here, and neighbors down the road just torched their old barn. I'm just glad we weren't around to see it...all that old wood next to a dry, grassy field. {shudders} Glad you caught them in time.

  3. You know, the dispatcher said that people never cease to surprise her. I said, "These folks stopped surprising me long ago. With them anything is possible!"