Sunday, April 02, 2006


Heart broken. Utterly, completely, incapacitatingly heart broken. Yesterday morning, under the inattentive watch of Big Daddy, Biscuit (who is now dead to me for at least a week) got into the ducklings' pen and slaughtered everyone in a matter of seconds. Eight ducklings and two goslings gone in the blink of an eye. I couldn't even write about it yesterday and now really can't say much. I haven't even been able to pet or look at the dog. She has always been trustworthy, but I think the fuzzy vulnerability of those little birds was too much for her terrier heart. She is on my shit list and she knows it. Big Daddy is as well. He knows it. He even tried to find me replacements locally yesterday...

I can't let this tragedy set me back and will be ordering more. The next batch will have a pen with full out defenses against marauding little mongrels.

Last night was Chickapalooza One. The party was a huge success and we had a moment of silence for our web-footed friends. Our friend, Father Brian blessed the birds and threw in something about them all being good laying hens. I was a little sad through it all. Over half of the chicks went to their new homes and it's much quieter in my studio. I need my ducks back...


  1. Oh, no! No, no, no! I'm so sorry. Biscuit was just being a dog, of course, and doing dog things. But that doesn't make it any easier.

  2. That stinks! Harri and Rips got a bunch of guinea little ones last year... Are the turkeys ok?

  3. The turkeys are fine. They were with the chicks. Biscuit, the bad dog seems to have no interest in chickens...

    She was just being a dog - a bad dog, but a dog just the same.

  4. I second Jamies: Oh no! No no no! Poor you, and poor them. You must be heartbroken. Will you get more? Oh no no no.