Wednesday, April 12, 2006

At Last!

Here it is - ta da! The first spear of the year. There are three more. Should I be patient and wait for Big Daddy to come home on Friday to share, or should I keep this our little secret and gobble them up myself? Decisions, decisions....

And on another note. I picked up these two girls yesterday. They are Partridge Cochins. They are nine weeks old. By the time they mature they will weigh close to 10 pounds. Now that's a big chicken! Look at the feathers on their feet. Odd. But they are rather sweet and quiet. They don't seem as haughty as the Uppity Chickens. Today they had a brief visit (in the photo they are in a dog ex-pen) with the Uppity Chickens. The Uppity Chickens were not so pleased. Mean old biddies...

Monkey named them Belle and Chicken. Belle is the one on the left in case you were wondering.


  1. Those feathers are truly superb! They look like little Victorian ladies in their crinoline underwear. Fab. :)

    I'm quite jealous of your asparagus: things have stayed unseasonably cold here, meaning that we're only just getting most of the seeds to come up now... Seeds are fine, seedlings are good, but plants? Way more exciting.

  2. So will you be whipping up some hollandaise? For the asparagus, I mean, not for the chickens. ;-)

    I love your new feather-footed beauties. I also love the idea of naming one of them "Chicken."