Sunday, March 09, 2008

trout lily

trout lily, originally uploaded by maggies farm.

I took a walk in the woods today with Gigi and Bill the Cat. Bill the Cat loves to go on walks in the woods. Gigi has taken to leaving her balls and frisbees along the trails. I told her I'm not carrying them home, but she pays little attention to me. She's sort of a rock star right now. She and I were on the news last night and today because we gave an agility demonstration at the Nature Center yesterday afternoon.

We found the first bloom of spring over by the upper spring. Later we found more down below the waterfall on the creek. I say "we", but of course I mean "me". Gigi was too busy loosing her toys and Bill was too busy climbing trees and leaping over logs.


  1. Maggie: I just read my friend Maria's blog and got her confused with you. Granted, it's early in the a.m. on the day after we changed times, but still. It must have been each of you posting trout lily pictures.


    Check her out; you'll love her.

  2. Hi Maggie-
    Stew is right- we are living in a parallel universe. love your view and your trout lilies, check out my morgan creek chronicles sometime
    Garden Girl