Friday, March 07, 2008

After the storm - the view 4 March, 2008

I'm coming back from my self-enforced hiatus. I've been hibernating for most of February. I needed it. February is the worst month. But now it's March. We've had rain, the grass is greening, the tree buds are swelling (red maples are blooming), daffodils are starting to bloom, and green is starting to peek out of the leaf litter on the forest floor. It will probably snow again, but spring is coming.

I'm itching to work in the garden, but still must take it easy because of my back/hip. I'm down to one physical therapy appointment a week from three, so that's an improvement.

We've had a half an inch of rain today. That makes 2 inches for the week. There's a carolina wren singing outside my window and the bluebirds have moved back into their house on the garden fence. Bring on the longer days!


  1. Woah. That rainbow picture is beautiful. It triggered a memory of a dream I had the other night. Thank you!

  2. I too have been out of the loop recently and had not realized that you were hurting. 1 PT a week is much improved from 3, certainly, but here's hoping for appointment-less frolic sooner rather than later.

    I'm ignorant and have no recommendations, but if you need some help in the garden, I'm cheap. Drop a line.

    Hope you are mended soon.