Friday, February 15, 2008

Seven Things

Lissa tagged me with a meme. I've been so busy for the last week that I just let it slip by. I also had to think of 7 random things, so here you go -

Seven Random Things You May Not (or maybe you do!) Know About Me

1. My first paying job (one with tax forms and a paycheck and such) was the Easter Bunny at the local mall. I dressed up in a giant bunny suit in a storage room near Dillard's, then walked to an Easter-themed throne near the food court. Somebody had to hold my hand and guide me because I could only see out of a tiny screened hole in the bunny head's mouth. I was 15. And then, I was the first female usher at the movie theater in my home town. Yeah, I was fighting the fight for equality in Mid-Missouri as early as 1980...

2. I left the movie theater gig (it was hard, because I was quickly becoming addicted to popcorn and the hip polyester vest) to become an exchange student it Iceland. This is before it was the ultra cool spot it is now. I spent a summer riding horses almost every day (heaven), working in a fish factory (not so heavenly) and seeing a part of the world that is extraordinary.

3. I have a Master of Fine Arts in painting. I don't paint as much as I want to. That is a major frustration in my life.

4. I spent close to 3 years as an agroforestry/environmental protection Peace Corps Volunteer in Togo. Togo is a tiny country in West Africa with something close to 45 different languages and ethnic groups. I lived in a village in a mud hut with a thatch roof. I had no running water or electricity. I did have chickens, a couple of goats and a dog. I rode a bike everywhere. I have never been more happy. I have been to Niger twice. I played in a softball tournament in the Nigerian National Stadium against the Japanese Embassy team from Nigeria (I think it was Nigeria). I never saw weapons grade uranium. I swear.

5. During my time in Africa, I visited a rainforest in Ghana where I walked an a tiny little rope bridge through the canopy. I am afraid of heights and get vertigo when I look down. How did I do it? I pretended I was Indiana Jones. True.

6. I never learned to play a musical instrument. This was somewhat intolerable to me, so last year I started violin lessons. I play a mean Suzuki repetoire and have moved on to Celtic fiddle tunes. I recently discovered my teacher (who is much younger than me) is the niece of one of my best friends. Small world.

7. I did not own a car until I was 31. I walked, rode my bike, used public transportation or borrowed a car until that point.

Now at this point, I'm supposed to tag 7 more people. I think I will let you tag yourself. I'll post the rules here. Leave a comment if you give us 7 insights, please.

Here are the rules from Lissa:

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  1. Wow, Africa Peace Corps! I am always humbled to meet people engaging in such fantastic world mission -- that had to be one of the most incredible experiences. Thanks for sharing that as well as your other tidbits.

  2. I'll take a tag as I could use a post topic for this weekend.

    Thanks for sharing - so cool about your travels in Africa with the Peace Core. My cousin is in Senegal right now with them, living in a mud hut. He's blogging about it at

  3. I was so addicted to that hip polyester vest--I stole it when I left my movie theater job! ;-)

  4. amazing!! sounds like a did all of that in a lifetime? Sometimes I wonder what else one could do if they left their little corner in life...the world seem to have endless possibilities if one wants to take the first step into exploring it. It was great to read about your adventures. I wish I could do them.

    Love your blog and your photos!

  5. agaless etc4:44 PM

    Was it really really hard starting the violin? I dreamed I could play the violin, but couldn't once I woke up again obviously. I played the oboe in my youth, but violin (or Scottish fiddle, really) is my fantasy insrument. How much practice did it take before it stopped sounding awful? Or are you just really talented? It's rare to meet an adult that takes up violin.