Friday, November 02, 2007

What to do when you should be doing something else

I'm supposed to be preparing for a talk on Sunday about the importance of sustainability and making wise food choices (and somehow how it relates to my being an Episcopalian... I think).* Anyway, I've been doing anything but that. Monkey is home today due to parent-teacher conferences and we took a walk this morning... for an hour and a half.

a girl and her dogs

We then came home and went outside to plant garlic and enjoy the incredible weather. I can now check the garlic off my list and move on to finishing the cold frame around the cabbage. I'm also in the middle of processing these.

tomatoes in november!

I never would have guessed I would still be picking tomatoes in November. There's around five pounds and more to pick from the plants on the south side of my studio. These are destined to be dried and ground into tomato powder. I'm finished with canning, really.

*Actually, I just talked to the Dean and the discussion I'm leading is really focusing on sustainability as outlined in the Millennium Development Goals as viewed by the Episcopal Church, at least that's where the discussion started last week... ...but we're going to talk about it from an individual's experience (that is how I view "sustainability"). Because really, have you seen those goals? Overwhelming, to the individual I mean. Tell me, how do I get roped in to these things.


  1. I'm not a Christian, but I totally get how making good food choices is connected to faith. In fact, the churches in Maine are teaming up with CSAs to bring more local foods to the parishioners. And this summer, OLS was featured as part of the sermon at the Belfast UU. Pretty cool (although it was stressful at the same time, because that's how my whole community found my blog and led to its demise. So maybe not so cool.) Hmmm.

  2. Until I was asked to do this, I'd never really thought about it as a "Christian" thing. I'm not one to tout faith. I think it comes down to doing what's right... and that covers an awful lot of faiths.

    I know what you mean about people knowing about your blog. I kind of keep it on the "down low" with people I know. Although, I do have quite a few friends who read. Most lurk, a few comment. But it does put a lot of pressure on what gets written (or not written).