Monday, January 15, 2007

Plotting the plots

Seed catalogs arrive in hordes each day. How can I say "no" to so many delicious possibilities? I've stopped the frenzied ordering. I'll just sit back (on my hands, so I can't order more) and await the arrival of seed packets.

I ordered most of my tomatoes from Baker Creek again this year. Last year they germinated so well and grew big and somehow managed to stay healthy. I've added Principe Borghesi, for sun-drying. Jamie inspired me. And speaking of inspiration - Liz's talk of growing her own paprika induced me to order not one, but two varieties of paprika for my own garden this year.

I've grown quite brave (foolish?). I'm trying several new things this year - leeks, kohlrabi, fennel and jicama for the sheer silly hell of it. I'm sticking with favorites in the tomato, potato, bean, pea, cucumber and carrot realms with a few new varieties thrown in for adventure - you know - red carrots, french cornichons, yellow mangel beets, russian banana fingerling potatoes...
Maybe I'll find a few new favorites.

Everything is up and growing in the greenhouse. I insulated the lower walls with bubble wrap. The spring-like, unnatural weather is helping to keep the heating bills down. Soon I'll be starting seeds and planting more pots to harvest early. We should have baby lettuce ready for harvesting in a week or two. I love to be inside where it smells of earth and damp. The goose and turkeys take turns posturing in front of their reflections. They must wonder why the birds in the greenhouse never come outside. Gigi sits outside the door with a ball in her mouth. It's torture for her.

The weather is torturing me because I know it will turn.


  1. Your title "plotting the plots" fit right in with my current struggle----where do I want to locate each segment this year. Tomatoes here or there. Beans here or there. This is the only part I "hate". Of course once their in the ground---it all looks and turns out fine :-)

  2. Leeks are just as easy as onions, only better, because leeks are so damn expensive in the market. Why?

    Sounds like you're going to try some cool stuff this year. I've had good luck with kohlrabi & fennel, but have never tried jicama. I'd be curious to know how that does.

    I still have to do my actual garden plan... yikes!

  3. I bought yellow mangel beet seeds, too! Weird. Are you using them for food or fodder? I gather it could go either way.

    You're going to love the kohlrabi. So easy, so Martian-looking, so delicious.

  4. Monica: There is a lot of plotting, especially after 3 years! Where, oh where do I plant the potatoes?
    Liz: You're in Maine, you have plenty of time! :)
    Jamie: Charlie is a beetaholic, but I think he may be able to spare a few for the goats...